As I have embarked on my personal journey creating JOA DIARY, I have been asking myself what is the narrative of this endeavor. Perhaps, you reading this might also be intrigued by the very same question, wondering who am I, and what is my genuine intention? 
Well, I certainly don't know where it will take me, but I do know the purpose is to create and do it with utmost integrity. I want to wake up everyday knowing how lucky I am to exist, to do what I love and to share my gifts with others, in hope it will bring them deep joy, fun, confidence and comfort. 
By taking the leap of faith toward my dream of creating a small business, that empowers handmade ethical manufacturing I hope to inspire other designers take on a stand in the same narrative. Fast fashion destroyed opportunities for craftsmanship, authenticity and small business model. I totally disagree with the monopoly that a lot of giant billionaire companies have created, which is destroying our planet and taking away the opportunity for talented artist around the world to express themselves, sharing their visions and passion. Fashion and other consumer industries has become disposable, thanks to the marketing efforts of the same global giants who trained consumers to believe they need more and more and faster and faster. In result fashion industry could no longer keep up with their own set of unrealistic standards. The talent is burnt, the planet is suffering, the consumer is misinformed and thinks that everything should either be on sale or cost not more than a disposable t-shirt. In return for our collective human missconduct mother nature is putting us in a mandatory time out, to think about our actions and take on responsibility for the future we are creating collectively. 
Back to the question "who am I" to speak on behalf of the fashion industry. Over the course of 8 years I have worked in fashion industry as a designer for a several successful contemporary brands such as Marissa Webb, ML Monique Lhuillier and Alexis to name a few. I am thankful to the experience and growth I had achieved as a designer working for these labels. However, I have also experienced the struggle of "keeping up" with the fashion industry high demands firsthand. Besides the creative process I was deeply involved in sourcing & development as well as parts of production. I was very well aware of the unrealistic timelines that were given to design and produce as well as unrealistic low costs enforced by the department stores and retailers. If you did not keep up with these high demands, you were replaced by another brand in the store space. So everyone was doing more than what they realistically could, and that is why today a lot of companies are out of business. At this point I hope everyone knows, fashion industry needs to slow down. Do less collections per year, less SKU's, but stronger tighter capsules. Let the creativity take the time it needs to birth something unique and truly special. Allow one another to co-create instead of competing and knocking each other out. Allow for the factories to have enough time to create quality product. Train consumers to craive and anticipate longer for the new objects of desire, instead of instant gratification. We must encourage responsible consumerism. The planet is crying out for help, and now more than ever we must listen to her.
My ideal is to keep JOA DIARY a boutique brand with strong values, healthy standards for my beautiful ladies [customers], quality eco-friendly materials, authentic design, and quantities that could be realistically produced locally. With my recent move to Miami, Florida I hope to partner up with local sewing artists and smaller factories in Central & South America. That will allow me to personally visit and directly communicate with the labor talent. I will only work with facilities that meet all associated ethical labor laws. 
However, today, I create everything myself. To date, I have created everything that you see on JOA DIARY site and all other associated platforms [Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest]. There are several ways I create:
1. One-of-a-kind pieces on pre-order bases.
2. Repurposing/recycling fashion, accessories and jewelry.
3. Creating small lots of goods [currently solo & with my own hands]
4. Vintage finds [coming soon]
I hope to grow my community of like minded women who share the same values and appreciation for the art of fashion, quality, ethical manufacturing, the preservation of our beautiful environment,  and lastly being true to themselves. I appreciate and admire ALL women [and other genders of course] of various backgrounds, age, career type, ethnicity, demographics, body shapes and many other boxes we used to check ourselves in. ALL humans are humans to me and I get inspired by their individuality, stories and unique gifts {everyone offers something special to the table of humanity].
I hope this letter to my community gives bits of a story on who I am, and demonstrates the passion that I have for the art of fashion, [my journey of love]. As I continue on this path I hope to grow and become the better version of myself as a human as well as an artist. #staytuned 
With L O V E,

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