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Enough Is Enough

I have been a conscious consumer for few years now. I stopped shopping at Zara [which was my guilty pleasure then] and other mass produced, unethical companies who are responsible for adding to global pollution and global warming. I do my best at implementing conscious shopping in my lifestyle as a whole. 
However as we passed Black Friday and Cyber Monday weekend I can't help but to judge how much people are miseducated about the value of product these days. I must have received hundreds of emails with big discounts, and sales all in the name of enticing consumers to shop. But what it actually does is misleads and misinforms customers about the cost of goods and its  perceived value. It also encourages people to continue shopping the disposable way, quantity over quality. It encourages people to shop meaninglessly and compulsively.
I also realized that I am guilty to follow that same pattern. Instead of ignoring this so called "shopping holiday" altogether, I ended up putting my collections on enormous sale at which I would basically give away my special handmade creations at cost. Why did I do that? Out of desperation? Just because everyone else is doing it? All I have to say is that it is not good for anyone.
This year we faced one of the greatest challenges and by falling back into the same patterns we are not learning anything from this experience. We should come out of this year new humans, with new views, ideals, values and most importantly behavior. We must be more thoughtful about the way we perceive value in things, weather its quality over quantity, supporting local and small business, shopping sustainable & eco-friendly products.
As a business owner I promised to myself to take the time and reform myself first. I refuse to devalue handmade love that I put into each piece myself, by discounting it heavily.  My mission is to continue using premium quality eco-friendly materials including biodegradable packaging which today still costs more than the cheap solutions. That is the problem we, the business owners & creators, have to continue trying to solve. We have to fight for quality and environmentalism. The more businesses choose sustainable model the more we all will benefit from it. The more the planet will benefit from it, more importantly. There is no planet B.
In conclusion, I promise to myself firstly,  I will not follow the traditional sales trends, techniques and tools if they are unhealthy for future consumerism. No more Black Friday/Cyber Monday for JOA DIARY. I will instead use creative ways that elaborates about the craftsmanship and value my customers are getting with every single piece made & sold in my studio. I will do my best to speak on behalf of the slow fashion luxury that we should learn to crave more and more.
With love

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