Tribute to Mom

Tribute to Mom -
Motherhood, the journey of becoming a wonder woman, supernatural being with many skills, talents, abilities, and powers. No job is harder or requires more maturity, responsibility, creativity, wisdom, nurturing, exceling, patience, personal sacrifices and unconditional love.
My mother is the biggest inspiration and aspiration. I don't want to sound bias, but my mommy is the B E S T. I have learned so much from her. She has so much love for both me and my twin brother. She had made endless personal sacrifices to make sure that we grow up healthy and being good noble humans. 
Mamul [as I like to call her in russian] is a single mother who had no idea she was giving birth to twins until the day of the labor. See, back in 1985, in Soviet Union, ultrasound did not pick up both heart beats. So until the D date [the invasion of the twins into this dimension we call our universe] she had no clue why her belly was so big. :) More over as she was in labor and the doctor had announced the truth, they also made her choose between saving her children or saving her own life due to the difficulty in delivery. Altruistically, Marina [my mother] declared she chooses her children's lives over her own. After 24 hours of labor, and doctors blatantly giving up and walking away, a miracle has happened. A senior midwife who has been by my mom side all along, has taken an initiative to intensely massage my moms belly so my brother [who was coming out with his bum out and umbilical cord being wrapped around his neck dangerously] would start turning and a true miracle happened indeed - he turned! Minutes later he was born and then I followed his lead. Now, all of this time in the hospital, my mom was by herself. No one there to hold her hand, to support her and walk her through this intense experience she has never gone through before. She fought for our lives like a true warrior. Best of it all - she doesn't regret or resent it for a second.  Till this day she protects us and nurtures us in the most loving way possible. The sacrifices didn't end at the delivery. Throughout life she had put herself last. Juggling entrepreneurial work and raising two kids solo. She taught us many valuable lessons since an early age - honesty, family values, being responsible, kindness and extending help to others, and do everything 100% or not do it at all just to name a few. She lives every heartache, every failure, every wrong turn, mistake each of us has gone through. She feels us on a supernatural level. Whenever one goes through a down moment, no words needed. She already knows and often times we have to hide it from her so she wouldn't worry. But we all know, you can't hide anything from our moms. :)


My artistic side comes from my mother as well. See, she was too busy all her life dedicated to being a supermom but only at a later age, when kids left for college and she had been blessed with more time to herself [she did not know how to cope with at first], she had discovered her talent at painting. Today she uses oil paint medium to self express, and she is so knowledgeable and passionate about her new hobby.

We didn't have much growing up. No luxuries, given that we come from socialism, but my mom always had an amazing taste in music, fashion, decor and art. She was getting her clothes tailored, customizing her look head to toe. I can confidently say "I got it from my Momma" :) Today, I ask her opinion about almost  anything I design. Because I know she has the best taste, she knows who I am and what I am here to do, she is honest and she knows quality, because that is what she cares a lot about as well. When I am truly unsure about something, I turn to my greatest teacher.

At this day and age, being single it is hard to say weather I would make similar sacrifices. I have huge shoes to fill. I truly hope I have as much compassion, unconditional love and patience as my mother does. 

I know there are millions, or actually billions of mothers out there whose children can praise them in a similar manner. Women are such a source of inspiration for me for your strength, talents and love. I look forward meeting new and wonderful mothers with other spectacular stories. Let us celebrate Y O U as our everyday hero with every breath we take, because truly we owe it to you.

Happy Mother's Day

With Love,


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