Jezebel - Journey of Amore

Jezebel - Journey of Amore -
Jezebel pearl jewelry capsule is so dear to my heart. It was a product of total love and exploration. During pandemic it occupied my hands and focused my mind on positive, leaving me feeling inspired and ambitious to tackle down something I have never dared to explore - jewelry design. Simply because I did not have time, nor faith in my own abilities in something I have not studied or was certified in. I gave it a go nonetheless. 
Baroque pearls are so beautiful in my opinion. I find beauty in imperfections, just like the wabi sabi japanese design aesthetics which is so dear to my heart. I think it's so beautiful that baroque pearls are so uniquely shaped, and not one identical to the other. I much more admire simplicity unpretentiousness in these beauties -  unevenly shaped pearls vs highly valued classic round pearls. So when I decided to occupy myself with a new interest in a pearl jewelry making I found an online supplier that was still open for business. I was lucky. When the gems arrived I was so thrilled to dive right into it. Day after day I explored different ways of pairing pearls with various chains, charms and clips. A week or so later Jezebel was born. It consists of necklaces, chains, bracelets, earrings, hair pins, to name a few. I was so proud of my new creative endeavor. For a second I thought I was making it just for myself. But the love for this new capsule radiated onto my friends and others who found Jezebel collection charming as well. It was so well received I decided to offer it to my darlings, JOA DIARY loyal friends & customers.
And here we are months later I have only few pieces left in the collection. I am so excited to see who is going to be the last owners of this group. I know it will be someone special. I could just feel it.
I loved making jewelry so much and the love it gave back to me by seeing others wearing my creations was simply fulfilling. I decided to pursue jewelry making further and collaborated with an Italian smith to create a new handmade gold jewelry with precious stones such as rubies, sapphires, emeralds, and clean diamonds [in the future].  Each collection will tell a story. The first collection which is called "Amanti" , lovers in Italian, will be displaying best of rubies and will tell a love story. I can't wait to share with you what is cooking, but will tell you more closer to release date. 
Stay tuned lovers,
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