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Who is Joa?

J O A (Journey of Amore) D I A R Y is a story of becoming true to myself and unbecoming of what the fashion industry had taught me in the last 8 years of my career.
By journaling my creative process the "slow fashion way" and things that I deeply care for is the footprint I want to leave with this creative outlet.
Sustainability and ethical manufacturing is at the core of my values and I want to implement these values in the way I create women's clothing, jewelry and accessories. 
Textiles is what I get inspired by. Sometimes I find unique, small lots of goods locally.. Sometimes I find them in my travels..
I love the hand feel and touch of silks, organic cottons & linens. These fabrications organically coexist next to our skin.. It allows it to breath. 
Vintage finds occasionally serve is fabrication that I reassemble into something new. As a conscious consumer I see an overwhelming amount of waste especially in the fashion industry. Instead of creating more of it, I use what's already here in front of us. Its resources we had neglected and it is available to us.
There are times that I have the urge to create special one of a kind pieces for lovelies who enjoy craftsmanship, individuality & authenticity . And other times I create larger capsule collections for the like minded femme tribe, who also share these values and the love for our only planet. My style cannot be described in one particular word. Someone might view it as eclectic, feminine, seductive but down to Earth and comfortable.
I give every ounce of my love and passion to every piece created. I hope that you enjoy my journey ~






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