About J O A


J O A is an acronym for "journey of a m o r e" a love and passion project. JOA DIARY was created in 2020 as a project and vision Aleksandra Sivokoneva had in mind for so many years and decided to finally bring to life, for Y O U. 


www.joa-diary.com is dedicated to designer's newly discovered love for creating sentimental stories in a form of demi-fine jewelry. She is infinitely inspired by women & femininity, mysticism, symbolism, and memoirs.  It was very important to her to launch her very first gold collection inspired by L O V E, hence the name "Amanti" translated as "lovers" from Italian. Aleksandra collaborated with an artist and a goldsmith, based in Rome and they had created the very first handmade rose gold capsule with natural brilliant-cut rubies and sapphires, launched in 2021. This capsule is limited edition, as they value quality, ethical sourcing and manufacturing, and individuality. "I design for women who have similar values, who seek unique heart-felt pieces, creating lifelong memories with their effortless style". She wants her clients to be able to wear JOA DIARY pieces on any and every occasion.

Today, JOA Diary have evolved into limited edition drops of handmade apparel, crochet accessories and jewelry drops. Before starting this line, Aleksandra has been designing for other apparel designer labels such as Alexis, Monique Lhuillier and Marissa Webb. So, she decided to take what she learned over the decade and implement into her own aesthetic with sustainability in mind, of course. JOA Diary utilizes luxurious natural materials such as organic cotton, linen, silk and more." These fabrications are biodegradable, as well as they feel the most natural and sensual to the skin. Mostly, she sources on the local markets acquiring dead stock and purchasing in small batches. She often produces with made-to-order model to eliminate excessive inventory. "I hope to reach the hearts of many women who appreciate the slow fashion process, artistry, and wearable ethical luxury."