About J O A


J O A is an acronym for "journey of a m o r e" a love and passion project. It's a pseudonym to keep my identity private as I would love to focus on the creative process itself and storytelling through my work. JOA DIARY was created in 2020 as a project and vision I had in mind for so many years and decided to finally bring to life, for you. 


www.joa-diary.com is dedicated to my newly discovered love for creating stories in a form of fine jewelry. I am infinitely inspired by women & femininity, mysticism, symbolism, memoirs and natural resources. My ideas derive from architectural shapes, organic forms, and textures found in nature. It was very important to me to launch my very first gold collection inspired by L O V E, hence the name "Amanti" translated as "lovers" from Italian. I collaborated with an artist and a goldsmith, based in Rome and we had created the very first handmade gold vermeil capsule with natural brilliant-cut rubies and sapphires, launched in April 2021. This capsule is limited edition, as I value quality, ethical sourcing and manufacturing, and individuality. I design for women who have similar values, who seek one-of-a-kind special pieces, creating lifelong memories with their visual identity. Yet, wearability is also an important variable in my creations. I want my women to be able to wear JOA DIARY pieces on any and every occasion. 


With L O V E,