Who is Joa?

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The very first encounter with creative process started at an early age. Since age 6 I was showing interests in arts, crafts and all things related to fashion. Throughout school I was involved in extracurricular activities involving painting, drawing, knitting, sewing and much more. I was interested in learning, reading, and creating. At age 16 my family and I moved to the United States from Minsk, Belarus. It is here in America I had decided to pursue art and design school to continue evolve my passions and learn professional skills. In the meantime passion for natural gemstones and fine jewelry had discovered me when I had my very first encounter with a fine jewelry retailer, I later decided to work for. It is there I learned a great deal about precious and semi-precious stones, precious metals, jewelry craftsmanship as a whole. The more I learned about the universe of natural resources and possibilities of what can be done bringing this beauty to light in a form of wearable art and love the more I wanted to create and discover. I knew that later on, when I collect all the pieces of knowledge and resources to share all of that I would start my journey, co-creating with most talented creator of all - mother Earth. Thus, I enrolled to the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York City, where I studied business and design, as well as traveling to Milan for one year to experience a study abroad program. That's where I had fallen in love with all things handmade and artisanal. Graduating with dual degree in design and business, I had pursued my very first career endeavors by interning at luxury fashion houses such as Zac Posen & Carolina Herrera. I absolutely loved the quality of materials and craftsmanship that went on to everything from apparel, to accessories and home design. I knew then, from that point on I will strive working for brands who value unique design, quality over quantity, who have a strong identity, and stay the course with craftsmanship efforts. I went on to work for Marissa Webb and later Alexis, which till this day I find were my greatest teachers in terms of design, running a business with integrity, and strong work ethic.
J O A, is an acronym for "journey of  a m o r e" is a love and passion project. It's a pseudonym to keep my identity private as I would love to focus on the creative process itself and storytelling through my work. While jobs were taken away for many of us during 2020 pandemic, I decided to occupy my mind and continue creating for myself. I made silk dresses and explored jewelry making, which was absolutely new to me. It was very important during these hard times to occupy myself working with my hands. Creating was my meditative state and something that kept me grounded filled with love and faith, despite the circumstances. Friends and family started to show interest in my new endeavor and a love project. Next thing you know, JOA DIARY was created. Although the passion for jewelry started at a young age, observing my mother's jewels collection I was always fascinated by dainty details, precious gemstones, [especially sapphires] and decodence of it all. 
Today, I sell handmade silk and cotton dresses on my JOA DIARY etsy website, based on one of a kind and made to order model. I had always been inspired by luxurious fabrics. I love the handfeel of the silks and cottons on the skin. Over the years many brands switched to using harmful synthetics, to cut the cost of manufacturing. This inspired me to offer pieces made from luxurious materials that are not only rare these days, but also coexist beautifully with our skin, and external environment. 
www.joa-diary.com is dedicated to my newly discovered love for creating stories in a form of fine jewelry. I am infinitely inspired by women, femininity, stories, and most importantly love. My ideas also derive from architectural shapes, organic forms and textures found in nature.  It was very important to me to launch my very first gold collection inspired by L O V E, hence the name "Amanti" translated as "lovers" from Italian.  I collaborated with an artist and a goldsmith, based in Rome and we had created the very first handmade gold vermeil capsule with natural brilliant cut rubies and sapphires, launched in April 2021. This capsule is limited edition, as I value quality, ethical sourcing and manufacturing, and individuality. I design for women who have similar values, who seek one of a kind special pieces, creating lifelong memories with their visual identity. Yet, wearability is also an important variable in my creations. I want my women to be able to wear JOA DIARY pieces on any and every occasion. 
I plan on continuing exploring, evolving and growing with my new jewelry journey. Although I will maintain boutique principles while developing this line, as quality, sustainability and design integrity will always be my grounding anchor and an inspiration. Currently and going forward sustainability practices are part of the entire process when creating JOA DIARY line. In the future collection I hope to be able to use recycled gold, silver and repurposed gemstones. At the moment I avoid using diamonds, due to its conflict nature, substituting with beautiful white sapphires.  As the line evolves I am dedicated to provide ways to give back to our planet in a form of volunteering, donations and implementing more eco-friendly practices as they evolve  and available to businesses worldwide.  But most importantly on an individual level, I do my part in practicing zero waist as much as possible, along with conscious consumerism. I also actively educate my friends and family on all new eco-friendly innovations. If each and all of us do our part, together we can create a beautiful home for our children and generations to come. 
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